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Getting Relocation Assistance from Boston Employers

If you're moving to Boston to start a new job, it can't hurt to see if your employer might offer you some relocation assistance.

Employers understand that their team members sometimes need to uproot when they take a job. As such, many are amenable to offering some degree of relocation assistance — from connecting you with trusted brokerages or landlords to helping with some financial packages to ease the cost of the move.

We'll start you off with an incredible 4-step process to negotiating relocation assistance from After that, we've provided relevant information and contact details for human resources departments for the 10 Largest Employers in Boston, which may help you pinpoint exactly who you need to speak with.

How to negotiate relocation assistance with your employer.

Check out this article from by Michael Chaffers about negotiating your relocation assistance with your employer, which we’ve included below.

relocation assistance

1. Focus on Your Interests

The whole point of negotiating for something is to address your real needs. Before you limit what you ask for, make sure you know what you want. Think broadly and do not limit yourself to financial expenses. For example, one client of mine decided these were her needs:

Once you have thought about what help you need, you can prepare to negotiate for a package that suits you.

2. Find Out What Assistance Is Typical

Your preparation for this negotiation should include the following:

Keep in mind that companies tend to vary in what they offer, and larger companies have more standardized policies. Therefore, compensation can differ by industry, city or even position in the company (executives tend to get more). Nonetheless, the following expenses are commonly covered:

3. Develop Ideas That Benefit Both Sides

No matter what is standard, many companies are willing to negotiate packages that address their new employees' distinct needs. Still, even though everything is negotiable, your employer is more likely to agree to your ideas if they benefit the company as well. So anticipate this reality, and provide the advantages for your new bosses when you share your ideas.

For example, my client made sure to tell her new company, "I will be able to work longer hours and be more productive from the start if I can get a few important matters settled quickly."

Another client had an employer that, while willing to provide extra assistance for her relocation, did not want to set a precedent of deviating from its written policy. This person solved the problem by saying, "Well, what if we agree that this assistance will be called a signing bonus?"

4. Get It in Writing

Once you and the company agree on a compensation package for your relocation expenses, make sure you capture that agreement in writing. A formal contract is not necessary, just a simple signed letter detailing the assistance that is being provided and by what time.

A negotiation about relocation compensation is the same as any other negotiation. If you focus on effective preparation, collaborative negotiating and out-of-the-box thinking, you will do well.

Human Resources Contacts at Boston's Largest Employers

Massachusetts General Hospital

relocation assistance

Brigham and Women's Hospital

relocation assistance

Boston University

relocation assistance

Children's Hospital

Unfortunately, there wasn't much information publicly available on the website.

State Street Bank & Trust Co

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Harvard University Graduate Schools— total employees: 5,132

List of Harvard Graduate School Human Resources Departments

Northeastern University— total employees: 4,484

Northeastern provides relocation assistance to faculty and staff through an arrangement with Coldwell Banker Relocation Services for people looking to purchase a home. See: Additional Benefits

Northeastern University Human Resources Contact Information

Boston Medical Center— total employees: 4,217

Human Resources Department Contact Information:

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