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How to Find Roommates in Chicago + Rooms for Rent

Hi renters! I compiled all this information from researching and visiting Chicago a few times. I wanted to gather some valuable and helpful info for people looking to rent in Chicago. This is definitely not 100% perfect as I have never actually lived in Chicago, so if anything in this posts sounds funny or you feel that I am missing something please feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love your feedback in order to make this post as helpful and accurate as possible!

Roommates can save you 33-62% on housing costs.

The more people, the less each person pays for rent. Here’s the breakdown of average rents by apartment size:

Lovely actually claims that even one roommate can save Chicago renters over 39% on their housing costs. Dang!

Lovely Roommates

Image source: Lovely

How to find roommates in Chicago:

Surprisingly enough, there isn't much good technology built in the roommate space. There was an app a couple years back that tried to match people with roommates based on connections in their Facebook network (called "Roommates"), but it fizzled out. 

So we're left to some pretty traditional search methods — but I'll detail them below and hopefully it can provide some [additional] insight!

Ping your personal network.

Easy — the best roommates are the ones you know and trust. Try reaching out on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. to see if anyone is looking for roommates (either in their current Chicago apartment or if they're also looking for apartments in Chicago). Feel free to get a refresher on tips for locating who you know in Chicago.

There’s always Craigslist.

Regardless of how much you hate it (or have heard how people hate it), Craigslist is still the best way to find roommates in Chicago. Obviously be careful and do your research before reaching out/communicating with people.


Check the /chicago subreddit.

There aren’t a ton of people posting/looking here but there are definitely legit roommate leads.

How to find a roommate in chicago

What's next?

Average Rent in Chicago

We wanted to provide a little more depth on average rent prices in Chicago by individual neighborhood so you can do a final internal check about which neighborhood to choose. We'll show you the stats and then move you smoothly into how to go about finding apartments in Chicago.


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