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How to Find an Apartment in Denver, CO

If you’re hoping to move to Denver, Colorado, relatively soon, you may be alarmed when you first start your apartment search. The ordinary avenues of using Craigslist or checking out "for rent" signs don’t quite seem to work in the Mile-High City, and that’s for many different reasons. So if you’re wondering how to find an apartment in Denver, you’re certainly not alone. Here are some things to keep in mind while apartment-hunting.

New blood has flocked to Denver.

Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., with a growth rate that seems to be rising exponentially. Since about 2010, the city has been getting bigger. Even though some have predicted calamity and thought that Denver is in a housing bubble, others have anticipated a massive increase. By 2040, some have predicted that the population of Colorado will be at 7.8 million people. Denver rent prices have increased 7 percent in the past year, and rents in parts of the city rose as much as 16.7 percent. Vacancy rates are low.

Because of that, there are a lot of people moving in and not a lot of options.

Unlike in other major cities, to find apartments in Denver, you’ll likely talk not to landlords but property managers. They have the right and the time to be choosy and don’t always advertise through traditional means. Some landlords don’t even post online!

They’d often rather work with a broker or talk to a rental agent. There are so many potential tenants out there that they don’t need to work through traditional means. That’s why finding a listing can be so hard on traditional sites. It’s also why so many tenants choose to go with a Denver apartment-finder service. The past five years have been very stressful for many locals, who are quickly getting priced out as rent prices almost double. Fast-paced evictions give locals 30 days before they have to get out.

So it’s a big problem, but what are some of the ways you can get around these issues?

Tip 1: Know your neighborhood.

The neighborhoods vary in price a good deal. Use our neighborhood guide to get acquainted. Then, once you have the price range of each area in mind, you’ll be able to find apartments in Denver that are closer to your budget and your needs.

Tip 2: Go on foot.

Denver is well-known for being a city that has excellent public transportation. Go to your place of work and then see the areas around the local transit stops. Scout out the buildings and look up contact information that way.

Tip 3: Use your social network to try to connect with landlords themselves.

Property managers aren’t evil, but they certainly get more applicants than the average Joe. Try to meet an actual landlord with a smaller apartment rather than just seeking out the big guy. The little guy will likely be a little behind on the skyrocketing rent prices and more willing to negotiate. Unfortunately, those people are getting harder and harder to find, so use your connections to your advantage.

Check out Connect!

Connect is a "location-powered messaging app" that lets you see which of your friends live in what cities. It's a super easy way to get a grasp of who you might be able to reach out to in Denver to help with understanding the apartment search process, find an open room, or just meet up with after you move!

how to find an apartment in denver

Tip 4: Expect a lengthy application process.

A few decades ago, you might not have to worry about your credit score before moving out. But now, it’s part of how to find an apartment in Denver, CO. Renting with bad credit is very difficult here. Also, bring a résumé and a list of referrals.

Tip 5: Be assertive and be patient.

Sometimes, you need to work with your own personal charisma to get to a deal. More than in other places, establishing an interpersonal connection is important here. Even then, sometimes deals will fall through. You’ll have to look at a lot of listings. Sometimes, you’ll get close but then suddenly have to back out. Just be patient with the process.

Tip 6: Always take a closer look at the property ... and the lease.

Renting out basement apartments is in vogue right now in Denver, as is offering less (such as included utilities) in your lease. See if you can save on rent by getting a basement apartment or signing on for a longer lease if you’re very comfortable with the situation.

If you need help, know that you can always get a Denver apartment-finder service provided by a local expert from Jumpshell. Getting started with us is easy: Contact us online now.