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Cost of Living in Charlotte for Renters

What's the cost of living in Charlotte for renters?

If you're looking to live alone in a one-bedroom apartment, your monthly expenses will be around $1,800.

Looking to move to Charlotte, North Carolina? Cost-of-living estimates make this one of the cheaper cities you can live in in the U.S.

While other cities in the South like Raleigh, Knoxville, and Dallas are around the same if not similar price ranges, prices in Charlotte are dwarfed by most major metropolises. For instance, it’s 42 percent cheaper to live in Charlotte than in San Francisco. Depending on where you’re coming from, you can save a fortune on rent alone.

So what is the cost of living in Charlotte, North Carolina?

The cost of living in Charlotte, NC, is 5 percent lower than the national average.

A great local economy has made Charlotte area a very good deal. Major companies in the industries of finance, motor sports, and energy are coming in and the recent economic boom has meant fast growth for the area; however, and prices are likely to rise. Right now, it’s the 14th best city for business and careers and one of the top U.S. financial cities. Your new friends in the area will likely be working for "the big three": Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Red Ventures.

Cost of Living in Charlotte, NC
by Expense Category
Cost of Living in Charlotte

Cost of Living in Charlotte, NC
Compared to Other Major Cities
Cost of Living in Charlotte

What are the monthly expenses typically like?

Here’s a simple breakdown of the cost of living in Charlotte, NC, that locals typically pay:

That adds up to an average of $1801.99 per month for someone looking to live alone in a one-bedroom apartment.

Check out this "master" comparison between major cities in the United States.

This infographic takes the cost of groceries, housing, utilities, and more in cities across the 50 states and compares them to the national average. It also compares median income in many cities to the national average of $53,046.

You'll find Charlotte at around "4 O'Clock". Click the picture for a full-resolution image!

cost of living in charlotte

Is it possible to find an affordable apartment?

Compared to most major cities that a rental agent would work in, it’s very easy to find affordable rent in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cost-of-living numbers and great job outlooks make this increasingly an area that appeals to professionals and young families. Contact an expert online now to find the perfect listing and learn more about the area.

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