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Complete Guide to Boston Luxury Apartments + Condos

A comprehensive look at luxury apartments, condominiums and buildings in Boston.

This in-depth guide covers specific luxury buildings, how to visit and choose the right property, as well as how to find reviews to inform your decision.

If you're in the market for a luxury apartment and you're tired of browsing dozens of different sites, you've come to the right place. We've got a comprehensive list of luxury apartment buildings in Boston at your fingertips, complete with pictures, neighborhood profiles and pricing details.

Here's what's inside this guide:

Read on to get the in-depth details on the Boston luxury rentals market.

boston luxury apartments

Let's jump right in — here's the rundown of all the luxury apartment buildings in the Boston Metro area with all the pertinent details.

FYI: This listed is sorted first by city (Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge), then by neighborhoods in alphabetical order. This should make it easier if you're confident about which areas of the city you'd like to explore.

Let's show you Boston's luxury apartment buildings on the map.

There's been so much construction of luxury apartments and condos in Boston that I was compelled to see just how wild it's gotten. I figured there's no easier way to visualize it than pins on a map. Sorry about the ads at the bottom — I used a free service called BatchGeo to help plot everything in one place on Google Maps, so it's out of my control.

I threw in some pricing too to help contextualize just how these luxury apartments are being priced.

So without further ado, I present to you a map of all the Boston luxury apartments (including some that will open this year).

What does luxury apartments + condos offer residents in Boston?

Luxury apartments in Boston are clocking in at around 30%+ more expensive than a "market rate" apartment. Really, there are three reasons for looking at luxury apartments and footing that large bill:

If none of those are particularly important, then you probably don't want to be looking at a luxury apartment!

Did you know? Most luxury apartment buildings in Boston will cover a broker's fee.

boston luxury apartments

Image source:

Since working with an agent in Boston comes with a one-month's rent fee, some folks choose to try "going it alone". However, most luxury apartment buildings in Boston will pay the broker fee, meaning you can have a real estate professional tell you about the market, guide you through the search process and schedule appointments/showings for you for free. Woo! 

Why? Many luxury apartment buildings in Boston are not "leased up" — essentially they have a lot of vacant apartments in them that are "losing" rent every month without a tenant. As such, many buildings are offering incredible perks like 1-3 months of rent free. It also means they're willing to pay the broker fee for you.

Questions? If you have questions or reservations about working with a rental agent, definitely feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] I'm more than happy to chat!

Not sure where you want to live in Boston?

Our Boston Neighborhoods web app offers a great way to get acquainted with Boston's neighborhoods, focusing on where you'll be commuting to on a regular basis (work, the airport, etc.). A preview of an example search is below — click on the image to give it a try for yourself!

luxury apartments in boston

And make sure you get input from people who've lived (or are currently living) in the buildings. is a great resource for finding reviews. They've gone to great lengths to get reviews from verified tenants (i.e. not staff members of the buildings who seed fake, glowing reviews). Personally, I've found is fraught with falsified reviews, so go with for sure.

Click the image below to get to the reviews portal — and underneath this screenshot I've placed a preview of the reviews results you'd find for a specific building.

luxury apartments in boston

luxury apartments in boston

Here's a closer look at some of the best luxury buildings in Boston.

The following is a hand-selected list of some of the most sought-after apartments in Boston. We've personally visited each of these buildings, reviewed rooms and on-site amenities and have met with their staff.

To start, feel free to watch this great introduction by the Wall Street Journal on Boston's recent luxury real estate boom and how many are foregoing the suburbs in favor of the amenity rich luxury condos and apartments in Boston.

boston luxury apartments

Millennium Tower Boston — Boston's "first neighborhood in the clouds."

About Millennium Tower: "Millennium Tower Boston, at 685 feet, is the tallest residential building in downtown Boston. A shimmering glass sculpture in the sky, it boasts unrivaled views never before seen from a private residence. It is the most anticipated residential project in modern Boston history. The city’s first neighborhood in the clouds." Source: Millennium Tower Official Website

Location: 1 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02111 (map and street-level view below)

Contact Information:

Official Website:

Here's a map of where Millennium Tower is located.

And here's a street-level view so you can get a sense for the area.

Radian — Modern Rentals on the Greenway

About Radian: "Radian brings a new perspective to modern rental apartments. Its elegantly curved 26-story glass tower is designed for modern tasts and a sophisticated contemporary lifestyle." Source: Radian Official Website

Location: 120 Kingston Street Boston, MA 02111 (map and street-level view below)

Contact Information:

Official Website:

boston luxury apartments

Here's a map of where Radian is located.

And here's a street-level view so you can get a sense for the area.

The Arlington — Luxury apartments in a Boston landmark

About The Arlington: "Located just steps from the Public Garden, The Arlington is a historic Back Bay landmark, magnificently restored to provide discerning home seekers with a stunning selection of spacious one and two-bedroom luxury rental apartments in the heart of Boston's most desirable and convenient neighborhood." Source: Official Website

Location: 100 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116 (map and street-level view below)

Contact Information:

Official Website:

Here's a map of where Radian is located.

And here's a street-level view so you can get a sense for the area.

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