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Best Neighborhoods in Miami + Where to Live

So where are the best neighborhoods in Miami? Depends on your speed + style.

This article will cover the top 5 neighborhoods in Miami for young professionals, families with children and U Miami students (go Canes).

We did some extensive research, asking locals, reading through forums and checking out local real estate reports to find the top neighborhoods for these three "groups" of renters in Miami.

Just a heads up too that there are two neighborhoods that are popular with all of these groups — Coconut Grove and Coral Gables — since each offers the right mix of convenient location, safety or affordability that's appealing to a lot of Miami residents.

Without further ado, here we go!

best neighborhoods in chicago

Source: YouTube

Best neighborhoods in Miami for young professionals.

Top Pick


Runners Up

Downtown Miami


Coral Gables

Coconut Grove

Best neighborhoods in Miami for families.

best neighborhoods in miami

Image source:

Top Picks 

Coral Gables


Runners Up

Coconut Grove

Miami Beach


Best neighborhoods for University of Miami students.

Did you know? 62% of University of Miami students living off campus.

Buried on its website, "the U" has a solid resource that describes where most University of Miami students live off-campus. We've got the breakdown below, but if you want to go straight to the source check it out.

Don't worry. Finding the right neighborhood isn't as complicated as this...

best neighborhoods in miami

Top Picks

Coral Gables


Runners Up

Coconut Grove

South Miami


Want a little more info? Check this out!

I stumbled upon the map below on a forum thread when doing some research about neighborhoods in and around Miami. Basically a guy with some GIS (map data) made a map to help people unfamiliar with Miami neighborhoods to learn more about where the more desireable areas of town are. Here's the full description:

"A map guide with all neighborhoods and Cities within Miami-Dade County rated by quality of life (safety/crime issues, poverty, aspect/how well kept is the area, amenities, reputability, etc); showing from the best areas to the places to avoid. Based on factual available Gov. & public / opensource data, research plus community feedback.

Map Key:

Source: felipeb3159

You'll need to zoom in a little bit to get started — and if you're on mobile, flip your phone horizontal!

What about official crime and safety statistics?

Safety is a primary concern for many people when choosing where to live. The map above was definitely a more "qualitative" or opinion-driven analysis — helpful for getting a ballpark of what the "feel" might be like in Miami's neighborhoods.

If you're looking for more official statistics on neighborhood safety and crime, definitely click the image below, which is a screenshot of Trulia Local's analysis of crime data in the Miami area. This interactive map will help you understand where the safest areas of the city are.

moving to miami

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