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Average Rent in Seattle, WA: Median Prices + Trends

Average Rent in Seattle

How much should you expect to pay in rent when you move, and what is the average apartment rent in Seattle, Washington? Here are some of the top tips and facts that you should know.

average rent in seattle

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For a burgeoning metropolis, the average rent in Seattle, WA, is comparatively ... relatively ... reasonable.

We don’t want to sugarcoat it; Seattle does often make top ten lists for most expensive cities to rent in in the U.S. But unlike many other cities we work with, here, it’s possible to occasionally find affordable rent. Seattle has both high and low apartment listings, with a fairly wide range on average rent, between $980 and $2,340 dollars depending on the neighborhood. Here are some other facts about the average rent in Seattle, WA:

Overall, this is a more reasonably priced place than other cities, like Boston, but it’s not cheap. Those hoping to move here will need to expect to pay more overall for the cost of living in Seattle, which includes other costs like groceries and transportation.

average rent in seattle

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Rapid growth means volatile Seattle rent prices.

While locals certainly believe that Seattle rent prices are "too damn high," the fact of the matter is that this city’s rents are a fraction of the cost of places like San Francisco or Boston. The problem isn’t whether or not there’s affordable rent; Seattle is growing along with big businesses like Amazon, making the rapid rate of growth the real problem.

There are numerous reasons why the rise has been so dramatic and so intense, but it doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Some say that it’s finally slowed down, but it’s still not stopping. Luckily, the city has responded by committing to build numerous complexes, many in the South Lake Union neighborhood and other areas like the Denny Triangle.

average rent in seattle

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The takeaway is to lock in on a solid lease in a good neighborhood.

Because of the irregular nature of the city’s prices, renting apartments in Seattle can be stressful and difficult for first-time buyers. To make it easy, you can always work with a professional broker or local expert, who can provide guidance on fair prices and help to find the best apartment that will suit your budget. Contact a rental agent online to get started now.

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