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Average Rent in Austin, TX: Median Prices + Trends

In Texas’s capital city, what’s considered to be cheap rent? Austin, TX, locals won’t expect to spend nearly as much as their counterparts in other major cities on a reasonable apartment, but they might pay more than others in Texas.

Holy cow! The average rent in Austin, TX, is actually lower than the national average.

It’s actually 13 percent lower. That’s pretty cheap!

All costs together are lower than the national average by 6 percent. So there’s at least one metropolis that’s doing fairly well with a reasonable cost of living.

Cost of Living in Austin, TX
Compared to Other Major Cities
Cost of Living in Austin

Let’s look at the numbers.

Here are some of the numbers on the average rent in Austin, Texas:

Despite the fact that many locals complain about rent, the numbers show that Austin is one of the better major cities for that value. When you’re looking at the most expensive cities to rent in, Austin doesn’t even come close. If you want to feel better about it, just compare the average rent in Austin, Texas, ($1,693) to San Francisco ($3,357) or San Jose ($3,472).

However, the move may cause strife if you’re getting an apartment after living in any other city in Texas. Other cities in the Lone Star State have much lower rent costs: Dallas is at $1,510, Houston has $1577, and San Antonio costs $1,300 for their average rents.

average rent in austin tx

So what’s the problem?

The problem comes when you consider whether or not your salary will go down when you’re looking for a good listing and trying to relocate to Austin, Texas. Rent may be low, but it spiked in 2015 and has climbed in recent years. According to recent Harvard studies, 49 percent of renters in Austin are spending more than 30 percent of their income on rent. Also, 26 percent of locals are spending more than 50 percent of their income on rent. After the big housing boom in 2015, many locals are cost-burdened. It’s so much of a problem that the local government has called it "an affordability crisis." Laredo and College Station have had it worse, however.

The bottom line is that renting in Austin, TX, may be relatively cheap, but you may still be spending 30 percent or more of your income on it. If you’re relocating for a higher-paying job, though, then you might very well come out ahead.

Take care when negotiating a relocation, and be sure to contact an expert or rental agent that can help you find a home, house, duplex, or room to rent that’s the best option and well within your budget.

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