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20 Prized Places to Eat and Drink in San Diego

20 Amazing Places to Eat and Drink in San Diego

According to Gallup-Heathways 2015 “State of American Well-Being” report, San Diego's ranks 21st out of 190 of America's largest communities in Well-Being Index Score. To compliment this prestigious ranking, it is known as “America's Finest City” by both locals and visitors. Embraced by the Pacific Ocean's majestic shores, San Diego is a vibrant cultural mecca that provides a bold and avant-garde variety of entertainment, food, drink, and social opportunities.

This infographic is a celebration of culinary gems scattered throughout the city, both classic and new. Each was chosen based on reviews and local suggestions, so whether you're just visiting or are planning to make San Diego your home – add these locations to your list of must-experience places! 

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places to eat and drink in san diego

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