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Moving to Chicago, IL: Relocating Tips, Advice & Guide

Moving to Chicago, IL? This guide features detailed tips, advice and helpful resources to prepare for relocating to Chicago.

Best Neighborhoods in Chicago + Where to Live

Figuring out where to live in Chicago? Check out the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals, young families and more!

How to Find an Apartment in Chicago

Let's walk you through how to find an apartment in Chicago. Rule #1: if you're standing in an apartment and can see yourself enjoying life there, get moving on that application!

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Average Rent in Chicago, IL: Median Prices + Trends

Average rent prices in Chicago, sorted by individual neighborhood — we wanted to make sure you were armed to the teeth with insight before you figure out where to look for apartments.

Cost of Living in Chicago for Renters

The baseline cost of living in Chicago for renters is about $1,500/month for renters (before transportation + nightlife). Get the full breakdown on rent, utilities and more here!

What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago?

Edison Park, Forest Glen and Mount Greenwood top the list for "safest" neighborhoods in Chicago. "Safe" is always a murky term since you can't quantify safety purely on the amount of crime in an area — however, a lot of renters who reach out to me asking about safety cite crime as the primary metric they're concerned about. I sifted through data from the Chicago Police Department to compile an accurate list of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago.

How to Find Roommates in Chicago + Rooms for Rent

The more people, the less each person pays for rent. Here’s the breakdown of how roommates in Chicago can save you 33-62% on rent.

Real Estate Agent Salary: Income Data + Facts

Looking for real estate agent salary and income data? You've found the place. Nationally, real estate agents only earn about $40,000 per year. It varies by market, but the truth is most of the money goes to "top performers." Get the whole story!

A "Peer Review" of Domu | Apartment Hunting Chicago

If you're apartment hunting in Chicago, you'll come across Domu. This service is great for landlords and for renters who want to handle the heavy lifting of their apartment search. It's not ideal for people who want help.

A Brief History of Chicago

Looking for an easy-to-digest, brief history of Chicago? Impress your friends at trivia night with this compact run through Chicago's history from the first settlers to reversing the flow of the Chicago River!

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and its Animals

Looking for a fun day with aquatic animals? Check out the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, home 32,000 animals, like stingrays, sea otters, turtles, and even penguins!

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

The buildings in Chicago may have burned up, but the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 couldn't bring its residents down. Get the details of how the fire started and how the city not only rebounded, but surged in the aftermath of the Great Fire.

The Chicago World's Fair

Take a brisk walk through the history of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair!

The Ultimate Guide to Living in Chicago

Living in Chicago for the first time? This comprehensive guide, written by a Chicago local, will get you acquainted with your new home — one of the best cities in the world.

Artists of the Art Institute of Chicago

A look at the finest artists featured in the Art Institute of Chicago. Take a stroll through this small glimpse of the historic artists featured at this world-class museum.