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Bay Village


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Welcome to

Bay Village

This tiny corner of town will make you feel like you're walking through 19th century Boston, while just steps away from the city center.

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About Bay Village

One of the smallest neighborhoods in the City of Boston, Bay Village more than makes up for its lack of size with its inviting and friendly atmosphere. Created by a landfill in the 1820's by developer Ephraim Marsh, Bay Village has been known as the Church Street District, South Cove and Kerry Village.

Want to see what it's like on the ground? Take a Google Maps "street view" stroll through Bay Village!

Many of the homes look like smaller versions of Beacon Hill townhouses because the craftspeople who built the Beacon Hill residences settled in this area and built local residences for their own use. The neighborhood is also centrally located to several restaurants, the Theater District and many other cultural attractions.

Feel free to explore the nearby neighborhoods of Back Bay, the South End, and Chinatown.

Source: City of Boston

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