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Trying to decide which Boston neighborhoods are right for you? This in-depth, interactive map will give you all the details you need to make a confident decision!

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About Boston

Let's help you choose which Boston neighborhoods are right for you.

If you're looking for the "best" of something, you can probably find it somewhere in Boston.

  • Sports fan? All four of Boston's major sports teams have won at least one championship since 2005.
  • Foodie? You'll find every flavor from around the world in this city, whether it's haute cuisine or a local pub.

And beyond the flash and intrigue, Boston is just a beautiful city. Rated the 3rd most walkable city by WalkScore, you can easily make a day of strolling along the Charles River or through any of Boston's 23 neighborhoods. Come explore why over 16 million people visit Boston each year!

Start your exploration of Boston by finding out more about its wonderful neighborhoods:

Allston — an affordable haven for young students and professionals.

Beacon Hill — one of Boston's most historic and breathtaking neighborhoods.

Back Bay — tops the list as Boston's most chic and trendy neighborhood.

Bay Village  the Rhode Island of Boston neighborhoods, Bay Village is a small and spectacular triumph.

Brighton — often mentioned in tandem with Allston, Brighton also offers an affordable escape with access to the city.

Dorchester — one of Boston's hottest neighborhoods and a place full of life, community and creativity.

Downtown Boston — the hub of The Hub, Downtown is where it's at in Boston.

East Boston — another of Boston's rising stars, East Boston has recently become a high-demand neighborhood.

Fenway/Kenmore — the home of the Red Sox and thousands of Bostonians looking for a high-energy environment.

Jamaica Plain — a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle, but still connected by Boston's mass transit system (the "T").

Longwood Medical Area — the epicenter of healthcare in Boston, LMA is mostly hospitals and people working in them.

Mattapan — one of Boston's southernmost neighborhoods that sits just underneath Dorchester.

Mission Hill — if you're on a mission for more manageable housing costs, Mission Hill might be your spot.

North End — the hub of Italian culture and cuisine, the North End is one of Boston's closest and most walkable communities.

Roxbury — an engine of positive community activism in Boston, Roxbury is experiencing a renaissance with the support of the City.

Seaport District — it sports one of the largest price tags of any neighborhood in Boston, but the Seaport is where Boston's thriving heartbeat of innovation lives.

South Boston — known best for its strong Irish roots, South Boston is a lively community full of Boston's iconic "triple-decker" apartment buildings.

South End — picturesque, treelined streets and a bustling Tremont St. full of fine dining and retail makes South End a highly-coveted neighborhood.

And feel free to explore some the incredible cities neighboring Boston, as well: Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville and Medford.

Looking for the best neighborhoods in Boston for your specific search?

We've got some great recommendations on how to think about your neighborhood search here.

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Use this tool to get a feel for prices by apartment size in different Boston neighborhoods.

This tool will help you understand the likelihood that you'll find an apartment at your desired price point and apartment size in a given neighborhood.

Boston by the numbers

Median Rents

Median rents in Boston

Everything Else Boston

What's it like to live in Boston?

Your life in Boston will very much be defined by where you live and with whom.

A great way to get a mental image of what living in Boston will be like for you is to understand where and how you might be living. This tool can help you understand where you might want to live in Boston.

A tough pill for some to swallow is that many people making under $60,000/year can't afford to live alone in the Boston area — or if they do they're spending over a third of their take-home pay on rent. Most live with at least one roommate — and if you're curious about how to find roommates and rooms for rent in Boston, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

And also check out this article on how much rent you can afford if you're curious about the whole "setting your budget" thing.

What's the cost of living like in Boston?

living in boston

The baseline monthly cost of living in Boston runs around $1,600 for the average renter — or $2,200/month for renters who live alone. If you want to dive deep into the breakdown of these costs and see some other insights on living costs check, out our article on the cost of living in Boston.

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What are commutes like in Boston?

Most residents of Greater Boston have commutes 5-to-10 minutes more than the national average of 25.4 minutes, though some in Back Bay and Fenway see their figures slip a few minutes below the national average. 

Boston has the oldest subway system in North America, with the first underground streetcar traffic dating back to 1897. Today the whole subway network is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Check out this clip of a Green Line train coming into Park Street station.

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What's the weather like in Boston?

Want seasons? We've got 'em.

  • Summer: Hot + muggy.
  • Fall: Cool + beautiful.
  • Winter: Long, cold + snowy.
  • Spring: Chilly + short.

What's there to do in Boston?

One of the perks of living in Boston is that there's a LOT to do, across a wide variety of interests.

For starters, check out our list of 44 unconventional things to do in Boston. We were tired of boring "Top 10 Things to Do in Boston" posts that listed really predictable things like "go to the Museum of Science" or "watch a Red Sox game". This list shows some of the quirkier, lesser-known places/events/activities that Boston can offer. And it's just a taste of what the city has to offer!

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Take a flight around Downtown Boston with this incredible drone footage of Boston by Aerial VP.

And check out our article on "fun facts" about Boston.

Sneak preview:

  • In 1897, Boston built America’s first subway — the Tremont Street Subway.
  • Quincy, MA is home to the first Dunkin Donuts, located on Hancock Street.
  • The Ted Williams Tunnel, which runs about 90 feet underground, is the deepest tunnel in North America.

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