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How to Find No Fee Apartments in Boston

An honest, in-depth look at how to find no fee apartments in Boston. Bottom line: there are only 3 ways to do it. Friends, luck or a luxury budget.

Apartment Prices in Boston by Neighborhood

"If I have a certain budget, what percent of apartments in a certain neighborhood can I afford to rent?” This tool lets you select from a variety of neighborhoods around Boston and explore and compare their "rent profiles" (the percent of apartments in that neighborhood you can afford with different budgets).

How to Find an Apartment in Boston

Trying to figure out how to find an apartment in Boston? Look no further. This in-depth guide offers all the tips, advice and resources you'll need to confidently search for an apartment in Boston.

Explore Boston & find your neighborhood with our interactive neighborhood browser

Moving to Boston, MA: Relocating Tips, Advice & Guide

Moving to Boston, MA? We've put together a thoughtful list of detailed tips, advice and helpful resources to help you prepare for relocating to Boston.

Getting Relocation Assistance from Boston Employers

Relocating to Boston and looking for some assistance? Many are amenable to offering some degree of relocation assistance — from connecting you with trusted brokerages or landlords to helping with some financial packages to ease the cost of the move.

There Are No Cheap Apartments in Boston

That's right — there are NO cheap apartments in Boston. We'll give you an in-depth look at why "cheap apartments" don't exist in Boston and why it's only getting worse.

The Answer to "How Much Rent Can I Afford?"

Many people find themselves asking "how much rent can I afford?" There's no simple answer, since your financial goals will differ from someone else's — but we'll offer some guidelines to help you figure out what's right for you!

Best Neighborhoods in Boston + Where to Live

You're trying to figure out where to live in Boston — let's help you figure out the best neighborhoods in Boston for your specific circumstances.

Cost of Living in Boston for Renters

The monthly cost of living in Boston runs around $1,600 for the average renter. And $2,200/month for renters who live alone. Get the full details!

Complete Guide to Boston Luxury Apartments + Condos

Looking for luxury apartments in Boston? We've compiled a comprehensive list of luxury apartments, condos and buildings in Boston, complete with pictures, neighborhood profiles and pricing details.

Where Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Boston?

West Roxbury, Dorchester and East Boston top the list for "safest" neighborhoods in Boston. We break down each neighborhood in Boston by police district and crime rate so you can get the full picture.

Everything to Know about Boston Sublets

Boston sublets are hugely popular, especially in the summer months. Boston sublets are great for anyone looking to stay in Boston for less than 12 months (but more than 30 days), or for anyone who's on a lease in Boston and will need to be away for an extended period of time. College sublets in Boston are very popular.

Average Rent in Boston, MA: Median Prices + Trends

Curious about the average rent in Boston? It costs about $2,100/month. We've pulled together data from various median rent + average rent sources to give you the ultimate look at renting in Boston.

16 Fun Facts About Boston

Here are some fun facts about Boston you may not have known. Now that you're an official resident of Boston, how much do you know about your city? Here are 15 interesting facts about Boston and the surrounding area.

Boston Moving Truck Rental Tips

Looking for info on getting a Boston moving truck rental? Take a look at the pros + cons of all the options in Boston.

When to Look for an Apartment in Boston

We get this question a lot at Jumpshell and I'm not sure people realize how intellgent of a question it is. Many renters fall into the frsutrating embrace of browsing listings and apartment ads every day in a desperate attempt to find an apartment. Turns out that a lot of that browsing time is completely wasted. Why?

44 Unconventional Things to Do in Boston

Tired of predictable things to do in Boston? We are too! That's why we've got 44 lesser known, fun, cool, weird, different attractions that this great city has to offer.

How to Save on Your Boston Utilities Bill

Unplug stuff and drop the heat 3 degrees and you can be living the good life with 250 extra greenbacks in your pocket. Get the deets below! And check out our post on the full cost of living in Boston if you want a full picture of what it will cost to rent and live in Boston (spoiler alert: it's around $1,500/month).

Boston Parking Permit & Car Registration

Owning a car in Boston takes some work to set up. About 47.5% of the labor force in Boston primarily drives or carpools to work. Owning a car in the Boston area definitely has pros and cons — most of the cons revolve around the crud you have to deal with upfront.

How to Find Roommates in Boston + Rooms for Rent

Looking for roommates or rooms for rent in Boston? We've got clear recommendations + tips, including a Boston-based "roommate finder".

MIT Off-Campus Housing

Living off-campus at MIT provides a great lifestyle for you active, independent undergrads and grad students at one of the premier academic institutions in the world. If you're considering the off-campus life, we hope this guide will help you out — feel free to reach out if you have any questions too!

Renting an Apartment in Boston "Sight Unseen"

There's no easy way to say this: finding an apartment when you can't actually see the place in person is stressful. You're essentially banking on some photos and a video walkthrough or two (if you're lucky) to determine where you're going to live for the next year.

Average Rent in Cambridge, MA: Prices + Trends

Plain and simple. Here's some information on rent prices in Cambridge, MA. We didn't want to overthink this one. We just put together an infographic that takes some rent price information provided by RentJungle and puts it all into one intuitive place.

Craigslist Boston: A Renter's Worst Friend

We've all read the anecdotes and experiential commentary about why Craigslist is such a mess, but I wanted to take it a step further explain with cold hard numbers precisely why Craigslist is a terrible way to help renters find apartments (and for agents and landlords to find renters).

5 Reasons to Rent vs. Buy in Boston

Rent vs. Buy — it's a HUGE decision with a lot of nuance. We've got some details to help you make the choice — come on in!

How Much to Charge for Rent: Tips & Advice

"How much should I charge for rent?" Understanding how much to charge for rent is one of the most important challenges as a residential rental property owner. Check out these actionable tips, insights and other advice!

Should You Get Renters Insurance in Boston?

Wondering if you should get renters insurance in Boston? Bottom line, you can pretty much guarantee protection on all your possessions for less than $250 a year.

How to Find Good Tenants for Your Rental Property

Here's how to find good tenants for your rental property. This article is to help you plan the best approach to finding tenants who will consistently pay the rent and take care of your apartment.

How Boston Rental Agents, Brokers & Fees Work

In a sentence, the high fee is the product of an overly complicated rental market that's full of inefficiencies. In a demand-heavy market like Boston, the obligation to cover the cost of these inefficiences falls on the party with the least leverage — in our case the renter.

How to Find Pet + Dog Friendly Apartments in Boston

I know. It stinks. But the fact is, if you're a proud dog parent, you won't have the pick of the litter (so to speak) with your apartments.

Looking for Luxury Apartments in Kendall Square?

Looking for high-end apartments in Kendall Square? Well, you deserve it! I imagine you're working at one of the incredible life sciences or technology companies in Cambridge, MA. Maybe you're starting your own company.

How to Get Your Mass Real Estate License

Want to get your mass real estate license? This in-depth article tells you everything you need to know. Check it out!

Real Estate Agent Salary: Income Data + Facts

Looking for real estate agent salary and income data? You've found the place. Nationally, real estate agents only earn about $40,000 per year. It varies by market, but the truth is most of the money goes to "top performers." Get the whole story!