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Only in greater Boston for now!

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We work with our network of top-quality agents to see if one of our agents is a good match for your unique requirements.

We'll connect you with the best agent in our network for your needs, if there's a match that makes sense. We’re a startup, so our network is limited, but growing quickly.

We stay with you through the whole process. We want to be sure your rental experience is exceptional – that's why we do this.

My experience with Jumpshell could best be summarized with the word "seamless".  I easily transitioned from page to page through the website, was quickly connected with an agent who quickly sent along options within my set standards, and then took me on two separate showings which proved to be excellent choices in a highly sought after neighborhood.  I highly recommend Jumpshell as a way to kick off a daunting apartment search in this city!
– Allie L.

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Only in greater Boston for now!