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Only in greater Boston for now!

No Craigslist?

We work with our network of reliable agents to see if one of our agents is a good match for your unique requirements.

We'll connect you with the best agent in our network for your needs if there's a match that makes sense. We’re a startup, so our network is limited but growing quickly.

We stay with you through the whole process. We want to be sure your rental experience is exceptional – that's why we do this.

After far too many weeks of fruitless apartment hunting, we stumbled across Jumpshell. Thank Google. Jumpshell connected us with Walter, who was great: apart from being a fantastic realtor who made sure he was showing us places that were actually in our budget and suited what we wanted (surprisingly rare in realtors), he was also a genuinely nice guy. We not only found a great apartment, Walter went out of his way to help us get the place we wanted whenever we hit a bump in the road.
– Sarah L.

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Only in greater Boston for now!